Can we take a moment to acknowledge (again) just how terrific “Mad Men” was last night?!?

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  2. waldorfstories answered: you are so right
  3. ifmymindshouldsway answered: Last night was by far the best episode yet!
  4. marshmallowsandbubbles answered: omg, it was amazing. sally is blowing my mind. what a little actress. she’s such a great character.
  5. psychsquirrel answered: I just kept thinking “He has to be dreaming! It has to be a dream! OMFG!! ” Too intense. Excellent episode.
  6. potzer37 answered: Yes, please!! Prob my favorite episode, thus far.
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    HELL YES. This episode was brilliant. I’ve loved Mad Men for awhile, but this season….it’s just so fucking GOOD.
  8. fatbettyfrancis answered: Stunning!
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    Dawn! the accordion! it was all so perfect!
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